Tuesday, 22 September, 2020

Board of Governors

churchOur Board of Governors, under the Chairmanship of the Bishop of Clogher, John McDowell is comprised of 16 individuals representing the Protestant Churches in Monaghan.

The Board is responsible for the Ethos and direction of the School.

Four seats are occupied ex-officio by the Church of Ireland Bishop of Clogher, the Church of Ireland Rector of Monaghan Parish, the Minister of First Monaghan Presbyterian Church, the Minister of Ballyalbany Presbyterian Church for the time being.

Eleven of the members are elected triennially as follows and are eligible for re-election:

Two members elected by the Select Vestry of the Church of Ireland Parish of Monaghan.

Two members elected by the Session of First Monaghan Presbyterian Church.

Two members elected by the postal ballot of all parents, each of whom shall be a parent of a pupil currently attending the School, and at least one of whom shall be  a mother.

Two members elected triennially by the Presbytery of Monaghan of the Presbyterian Church of Ireland.

One member elected triennially by the Diocesan Council of the Diocese of Clogher.

One member of the Board of Governors shall be co-opted triennially from the other Protestant denominations.  This member of the Board shall be co-opted at the first Board meeting in the triennium, and shall be eligible for renewed co-option.

For further details regarding the Board of Governors please contact the School Office.

Click on the line below to view letter from Rt. Rev. John McDowell.

Letter from Bishop John McDowell, Chairperson of the Board of Governors

Bishop McDowell addresses the congregation at the Christmas Carol Service (December 2016)