Monday, 21 September, 2020

David McBride Scoops Top Award in Ulster from Harper Adams University

photoFormer MCS, Leaving Certificate 2012 student David McBride who is attending Harper Adams University has received a Presentation from Harper Adams University in October last to mark his achievement as top student from Ulster entering Harper Adams last September.  Harper Adams is the leading Agricultural University in the UK.  The School was presented with a cut glass crystal bowl by Mr. Basil Bane in recognition of the achievement of David who joined the B.Eng. (Hons) Agricultural Engineering Course last September.  David comes from a farming background in County Monaghan.


David has taken time out of his busy schedule to give our Website an update on College life.

How are you enjoying your new life in Harper Adams University?

Although I was uneasy at first with a long move from home, I have since found my feet and settled in to the exciting university life. As Harper is one of the smaller universities in England it has given me the chance to get to know lots of people and its friendly environment enabled me to interact with people undergoing the same process as myself.

You were recently awarded the Mc Connel  Scholarship, you must be very pleased?

I was delighted to receive this award as I have worked with their machines for many years. The scholarship has been a major help as it has brought some financial relief to me as university fees have increased drastically in the last year. The scholarship has also given me great contacts in Mc Connel and hopefully these will stand to me in the future.

Harper Adams is well known for its range of clubs and societies, have you joined any?

The biggest club that I am involved in is Harper Ireland. This is a club for all the Irish members of Harper Adams. We recently organised an event called the Paddy’s Ball in which 1830 people attended and the main act at the ball was Tinchy Stryder. This involvement helped my teamwork and organisational skills. Another benefit of this club is the familiar feeling of home as it is only Irish people at our meetings.

I am also a member of the GAA club and at the start of the year I helped to revive the club as it was becoming non-existent. Before coming to Harper I had never played Gaelic football but now I am the vice-captain and I am very thankful for that.

You also got the chance to do some charity work, can you tell me a little about that?

As I was elected as the new clubs and societies representative I was able to take part in raising money for Help for Heroes. As part of the S.U. initiations I and two fellow members of the S.U. were taken to Skegness which is situated on the east coast of England. From here we were set the task of raising as much money as possible whilst trying to get back to Harper Adams, with no money or food and with just an emergency mobile phone. The trip was the best experience of my life and I have met some very generous people thanks to it.


Interviewer: Jill Wylie, School Newsletter Team.