Monday, 21 September, 2020

Debate Club

The Debate Club this year was run by Ms. Maloney. Although numbers were small we still had a great time arguing about different topics carefully selected by our teacher. Some topics included “should schools use uniforms, should abortion be legal, capitalism vs socialism” We were split into teams of two with two in each team. These teams were swapped every debate so we all had a chance to work with each other. We met every Monday at lunch time to confer with one another and then to give our side of the argument. This was a great opportunity for those involved to practice public speaking and to write speeches. Ms. Maloney was very good to us always praising our work but giving constructive criticism when needed. We all had good fun and on behalf of those who took part in debating I would like to thank Ms. Maloney for all her hard work and for facilitating us with this extra curriculum activity.

Article written by Adam Dudgeon 5th yr