Monday, 21 September, 2020

Joanne Wylie attains 1st Place in Ireland In Leaving Certificate H.E. Exam.

joanne-receiving-leaving-certJoanne Wylie Interview

Joanne Wylie is a past pupil and Head Girl of Monaghan Collegiate School 2011/2012.  Joanne  attained the highest results at Monaghan Collegiate School and also had the honour or achieving the highest grade in Ireland in her Home Economics Leaving Certificate Examination 2012.

She received a special award from the Home Economics Teachers Association to mark this achievement and in addition the many Cups’ Joanne received at Prize Day October 2012, a new Prize was inaugurated by the Principal for this accolade.  Mr. Reid hopes that other pupils will aspire to achieve their best and follow in Joanne’s footsteps and attain a 1st Place in Ireland like Joanne.

We catch up with Joanne in University to hear how she is getting on.

P1000623How have you settled into University life?

As a first year medical student at Cardiff University, Wales, this has been one of the most interesting years of my life.

Is your schedule busy as a medical student?

Yes I volunteer at a local mental health hospital every Tuesday which has aided my understanding of many psychiatric disorders. It has also helped me to familiarise myself working in a non –stereotypical hospital environment. I also have been on placement in a geriatric ward one day a week for six weeks. Here I take patient’s histories and visiting the stroke ward was a real eye-opener as some of the patients had been there for almost ten years.

Can you give me a brief description of some of the work first year entails?

At the moment I am doing dissection which is a very new but absolutely amazing experience, one I never thought I’d get the opportunity to do. With the biggest DR in Europe Cardiff is famous for its excellent anatomy teaching school.

How did you find your course work?

Yes the work is difficult and requires a lot of dedication and study. However I received first in my year in Chemistry and second in my year in Biology. I am also the class representative and communicate any problems or queries that my course mates have to the medical staff.

Are you a part of any other clubs to get away from the busy life of a medic?

I am also a member of the Christian Union and have helped organise a recent Easter event, arranging for free lunch bars for Cardiff University students. We had a weekend away last term allowing me to explore outside Cardiff.