Monday, 21 September, 2020

Learning Support & Career Guidance Programmes


The School fosters the importance of the home environment in the education of the individual child. Formal Parent/Teacher meetings are held throughout the academic year. Academic reports are issued bi-annually and tri-annually in Forms 3 & 6.

Parents are welcome to make an appointment with the school at any time during the academic year. School opening hours are 8.45 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday.

Appointments can be facilitated outside these hours with advance notice.


The Learning Support Programme is based on a whole school approach and operates in three main areas within the school:

  1. The Transition from Primary School to Secondary School.
  2. Whole School Approach – Activities and Small Group Work.
  3. Individual Learning Programme.

The Transition from Primary School to Secondary School

We acknowledge that the transition from Primary School to Secondary School can be traumatic for many children. In order to make the transition as easy as possible we prepare for this on many levels:

  1. Liaison with Primary Schools and Parents.
  2. Changing Schools Seminar/Induction Day.
  3. Induction Day Booklet.
  4. Pupil Profile.

A pupil profile is developed based on information provided by Primary School, assessment tests and individual teacher assessment for the first term. Our Learning Support Co-ordinator is Mrs. Elaine Graham.

The pupil profile is used to identify any problems that your child may encounter and an intensive programme can be drawn up to help your child to develop his/her full potential. It is important that you inform the School about Special Needs that your child may have so that support may be put in place for September since ‘Resources’ do not automatically transfer from Primary School and new applications have to be submitted to the Second Level Support Service. Pupil profiles are reviewed and updated at various stages throughout the school year. Further testing and teacher assessment and exams are used to complete the profile.

Individual Learning Programmes

After initial assessment students with learning difficulties are offered intensive support in Learning Support Classes. These classes are designed to suit individual needs and may be on a 1:1 or in small groups. Students are further evaluated on an ongoing basis and the programme is tailored to meet the specific requirements of the individual. Students may attend Learning Support classes for a short period, for example, for specific help with spelling techniques, note taking, and organizational skills or for longer periods if required. The School has access to a wide range of professional assistance and this can be accessed via the Department of Education & Science.

The Whole School Approach

Study skills class is available in Junior Cycle. Class diaries are monitored closely and a range of study skill techniques and learning strategies are introduced to enable each student to develop positive attitudes towards study and to develop to his/her full potential. Areas of study include: time management, organisational skills, and timetables for study, note making and learning techniques.

Senior Cycle students are offered optional study skill classes, which are designed to meet specific individual student needs.


In addition to offering Learning Support to students with learning difficulties we are also committed to encourage and support those with exceptional aptitudes. Over the past number of years students have received ‘Olympiad Certificates’ for their high achievement in Junior Certificate Results in the areas of Mathematics & Science and indeed placement in the first three places in Ireland in Technical Graphics and Material Technology – Wood. The Olympiad Programme is run by National University of Ireland Maynooth and only a small number of pupils in the country are invited to attend the programme. Jonathan Lester a 5th Form student has recently participated in the Maths Olympiad.


A full programme of Career Guidance begins in Transition Year when pupils also begin Work Experience and Career Research and this continues throughout the Leaving Certificate Programme. Career guidance is accessible to all students from on Education Guidance Counsellor Ms. Joanne Murnaghan. Additional support is also available from Mr. Reid, Principal.

An information night is held each September for Senior Cycle pupils and their parents in addition to information given in Careers Class.

Support covers the follows topics: CAO Application system, Points System & Qualification framework, UCAS Application System & fees, Colleges of further education in Republic and in Northern Ireland, Finance, Nursing & Hear & Dare Applications process.

Guidance Newsletter

Information is updated regularly and notices issued to pupils/parents on a regular basis and including detailed information on the Central Applications Office process, which co-ordinates the applications to undergraduate courses in Institutions in Ireland. Guidance for UCAS applications to Universities within the United Kingdom is also provided. Guidance and Counselling in our School provides for the personal, social, educational and vocational development of students. .