Monday, 21 September, 2020

Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme

This is a highly recommended element of the  Leaving Certificate Programme for all pupils whose subject choice at Leaving Certificate meets the criteria for LCVP.

About the LCVP

The Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme (LCVP) is an intervention designed to enhance the vocational dimension of the Leaving Certificate (established). The programme was introduced in 1994 in response to the challenge placed on Ireland’s education system by a changing work and business environment. The LCVP combines the academic strengths of the Leaving Certificate (established) with a new and dynamic focus on self–directed learning, innovation and enterprise. This two-year programme is part of an expanded provision that aims to cater for the diversity of participants’ needs at senior cycle.

Throughout the programme students are encouraged to:

  • Be innovative and enterprising
  • Take responsibility for their own learning
  • Adapt to changing circumstances
  • Evaluate data and devise solutions to problems
  • Communicate their thoughts and ideas effectively
  • Work with others as part of a team
  • Investigate and plan career options
  • Use information and communications technologies
  • Investigate local businesses and community enterprises
  • Learn from their experiences

These skills and qualities are equally relevant to the needs of those preparing for further education, seeking employment or planning to start their own business.

The strong vocational focus of the LCVP is achieved by arranging Leaving Certificate subjects into Vocational Subject Groupings (VSGs) and through the provision of additional courses of study in work preparation and enterprise known as the Link Modules.

Programme Requirements

Programme Requirements for students taking Leaving Certificate Examination from 2004 onwards

  • At least five Leaving Certificate subjects plus the Link Modules, one of which must be Irish, (except for those exempt from Irish).
  • Two of the above subjects must be selected from one of the designated Vocational Subject Groupings
  • Two Link Modules: Preparation for the World of Work and Enterprise Education
  • A recognised course in a Modern European Language other than Irish or English:

What  is a recognised Modern European language course for LCVP students?

The school has the discretion in this case – there are various options open to students.

They can take a language at Junior Certificate level or they can follow one of the FETAC language modules or the language teacher can devise a school programme in the language.

Students must take the language class for a minimum of one class period per week or equivalent over the two years of the programme within school time.

  • If a student is exempt from Irish for the Leaving Certificate they are automatically exempt for the LCVP and students should replace Irish with another subject.

Vocational Subject Groupings (VSGs)

Two subjects are selected from one of the Vocational Subject Groupings. These subjects provide students with a focus for developing vocational skills and exploring their career options.

The Specialist Groupings consist of subjects which complement one another naturally. The Services Groupings comprise subjects which complement one another in a commercial context.

Vocational Subject Groupings (VSGs) 2011/2012

Specialist Groupings

  1. Construction Studies; Engineering; Design and Communication Graphics; Technology  – Any Two
  2. Physics and Construction Studies or Engineering or Technology or Design & Communication Graphics
  3. Agricultural Science and Construction Studies or Engineering or Technology or Design & Communication Graphics
  4. Agricultural Science and Chemistry or Physics or Physics/Chemistry
  5. Home Economics; Agricultural Science; Biology – Any Two
  6. Home Economics and Art – Design Option or Craft Option
  7. Accounting; Business; Economics – Any two 
  8. Physics and Chemistry
  9. Biology and Chemistry or Physics or Physics/Chemistry
  10. Biology and Agricultural Science
  11. Art – Design Option or Craft Option and Design & Communication Graphics Services Groupings
  12. Engineering or Technology or Construction Studies or Design & Communication Graphics and Accounting or Business or Economics
  13. Home Economics and Accounting or Business or Economics
  14. Agricultural Science and Accounting or Business or Economics
  15. Art  Design or Craftwork Option and Accounting or Business or Economics
  16. Music and Accounting or Business or Economics

All students will have the opportunity to take L.C.V.P. ( Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme). This has three classifications – Distinction Merit and Pass, and a distinction is worth 70 points. Students are expected to take LCVP except by permission of the Principal. LCVP is accepted by all Irish Universities, except Queen’s University Belfast.

Our Leaving Certificate Curriculum offers an excellent range of subjects allowing pupils access the diverse range needed to equip students for education in the 21st Century.