Tuesday, 22 September, 2020

Transition Year

Transition Year Mini company December 2017.

Our extensive Transition Year Programme includes a wide variety of subjects, enjoyable extra curricular activities, International Day and an Overseas School Tour.

The Transition Year Co-Ordinator is Mrs. Anita Rowntree.

Subjects include:

Agricultural Science, Art, Biology, Business Studies, Car Maintenance, Career Guidance, Chemistry, Child Care, Construction, Cookery, E.C.D.L. (European Computer Driving Licence Course), Diversity, English, First Aid, Food Safety, French,

Geography, History, Irish, Maths, Mini Company, Safety module, Physical

Education, including swimming, golf, keep fit and outdoor pursuits,

Religious Education. Changes are made on a regular basis to enhance the

programme. Pupils have participated & won many coveted local & national

competitions and also participate in work experience.

Ski Tour

Ski Trip Report by a past pupil

On a cold icy morning in January, Transition Year students gathered in McNally’s car park at 4am to leave for Belfast Airport, where a week of skiing awaited. The bus was filled with excitement and nerves as many students were flying alone for the first time. Many were anxious about leaving their families and home for a full week.

After Ms. Wright had successfully distributed her diet coke into some of the students lighter cases, we proceeded to breakfast. The announcement came across for our flight and before we knew it we were on the plane.

Three hours later we arrived to Strasburg airport in Austria. We were mesmerized by the amount of snow. After our luggage was collected we made a three hour bus journey to our hotel.

The week was enjoyed by everyone, and we even made friends with another school. Throughout the week our skiing improved with the help of our instructors. Although we had some injuries, it didn’t take away from the enjoyment. Each night we took part in activities such as rifle shooting and swimming.

Overall the experience will never be forgotten. We are very thankful for the teachers that looked after us. I would highly recommend this trip to those considering going in the future.