Friday, 29 May, 2020

Extra Curricular activities Spring 2019

Robert Han – the face of International Day 2019

Pupils have been involved in a host of various activities this term, briefly mentioned below, please note this is currently being updated and may not include all activities organised by staff, presented in random order:

Scripture Union: students attended a highly enjoyable weekend away to Bushmills, organised by Mr. Reid and Mrs. Sloan. In addition to their weekly meetings and guest speakers they also attended the S.U. Annual dinner dance with Armagh Royal & Cavan Royal Schools. Our thanks to all the staff involved, Mr. Reid, Mrs Sloan & Mr Lovett & Ms. Walker who is covering Ms Hollinger’s maternity leave.

Transition Year: Ulster Scots Programme, Junk Kouture Competition (covered separately), Lego, Trinity Lecture and a host guest speakers, Road Safety Talk and various day trips and First Aid Training with the Irish Red Cross – TY events organised by Ms. Rowntree.

Sports Department: Athletics, Basketball, Table Tennis, Soccer & Rugby teams have participated in a variety of leagues and friendly matches during the term, organisers Ms.Clarke, Mr. Dugdale, Mr. Hutchinson, Mr. Pollock, Mr. Killoran, Mr. Reid & Rugby coach Malcolm Allister.

History Department: Senior history students have attend the Tomáš Reichental is a Holocaust survivor, talk in the Garage Theatre, organised by Ms. Sloan.

Chemistry & Physics Students: attended the lectures in Maynooth University of Ireland organised by Ms. Quinn & Mrs. Rowntree.

Music Students: Music students have performed at the Easter Service and Castleblaney Central Concert under the direction of Ms. Glynn.

Fiddle Lessons: continued during the term under the expertise of Mr. Keith Lyttle, Ulster Scots Association.

Overseas Students: participated at this highly successful event – the annual International Day organised and sponsored by Ms. Wright.

School Tour: Senior overseas students and Tranisition Year students attended a Ski-ing trip organised by Ms. Wright, Mr. Lovett & Mr. Killoran.

English Students: have attended Shakespeare performances c/o Ms. McPhillips, Ms. Kelly & Ms McNally.

French Students: have attended films in the French language and are linking up with a school in France for pen pals c/o Ms. Lynch.

Form 1 students participated in an Art/Poster competition for Environmental awareness c/o Ms. Wright.

Enterprise & Business: teams are still participating in Young Enterprise activities organised by Ms. Murnaghan.

Home Economics students under the direction of Ms. McElhatton baked a host of treats for the Irish stall at the International Day.

Irish Language presentation organised by Ms. McGuinness & Ms.Maguire.

Art trip to National Gallery of Ireland organised by Mr. Pollock.

Careers Trips: various – organised by Ms. Murnaghan.

Engineering/DCG – Apprenticeship trip to Combi-lift organised by Mr. Boyd.

Junior Cycle Science students enjoyed demonstrations from Trinity College staff organised by Ms. Quinn.

Student Council students attended the ISSU AGM on the 24th April 2019 organised by Ms. Wright.

Fundraising has been as active as ever in the school with recent events including Flag days supported by T. Y. Students, organised by Ms. Rowntree, the Extra Sock Day organised by Mr. Hutchinson.

The Parents’ Association held their fundraising dance in March c/o Chairperson Dr Noel McKenna.

Health & Safety – Fire Drill was carried out.

Learning Support fund raising activities organised by Ms. Graham with the assistance of SNA’s Sharon, Rose & Derval.

Easter Service 2019 was held in the school and performances and readings made by representatives of the school community. Guest speaker Rev Gerry Clinton, Ballybay Presbyterian Church, organised by Mr. Reid.

Easter Study took place over the Easter holidays and Sarah was pleased to report that many State Examination students enthusiastically attended each day and were rewarded at the end of the week with an Easter Egg from Mr. Reid.

Easter Dawn Service was relocated to First Monaghan Presbyterian Church due to the sudden death of our dear neighbour Mrs. Olive Gillanders on Easter Saturday. The School Flag hung at half mast on the day of her funeral Monday 24th April 2019. Our sympathy to all her family.

New developments for forthcoming term: Google Classroom c/o Mr. Reid, Mr. Killoran & Mr. Lovett.

Form 6 Leavers Service 17th May 2019.

Sports Day will be held on 30th May 2019.

Overseas Leavers service will be held on 30th May 2019.

Road Safety Presentation 2019

Choir 2019

Jumper Day

Fiddle Group
Easter 2019

Robert Han – the face of International Day 2019

Guest Speaker talk in Sports hall.

Mr. Reid, Principal welcomes all to the Easter Service 2019.

Easter Service 2019

1M winners with Ms Wright: Overall winner Lisa Waddell, with Rebekah Moore, Alexandra Kendrick & Rebekah Hill April 2019

1C winners: with Ms Glynn and Ms Wright: Andrew McAdam, Hannah Potts & Sarah Taylor April 2019.