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Overseas Students Programme

The School offers a limited number of places to highly motivated candidates from overseas in Senior Cycle, which adds an extra cultural dimension to school life. Our School is certified by the Department of Education & Skills and is under their inspection. Mr. Johnston Reid is the recognised Princpal of the School by the Department of Education & Skills. A detailed letter from the Principal can be viewed at the end of this page.

Overseas students:
Cambridge English Exams 9th, 11th & 13th May 2019.
Venue: Monaghan Collegiate School.

Leavers Service 30th May 2019.

Mr. Reid and Mr. Killoran welcome the overseas students who have come to study in Senior Cycle.

Below are some of the photos from International Day.

Robert Han – the face of International Day 2019

Pupils from Mexico at International Day March 2017 with Mr. Reid, Principal, Mr.Killoran Deputy Principal, Mr David Maxwell Mayor of Monaghan and Rev. Agnew Chairperson of the Board of Management.

Winners of the best showcase and representation of their country – Japan with Minister Heather Humphreys. 2016

Francesco from Italy, wearing the Collegiate School Uniform, participating at the International Day event at Monaghan Collegiate School 2017

Letter from the Principal:

Thank you for your interest in Monaghan Collegiate School. I hope that you find this information useful and informative. I would be more than happy to talk you through any questions that you may have and look forward to meeting you.

Monaghan Collegiate School has a proud history of service; rooted in the local community and responsive to its needs. We are privileged to enjoy the dedicated support of our parents /guardians. We also have a strong sense of a learning community within the school with excellent pupil teacher relationships. We are pleasantly situated on the outskirts of Monaghan town in a beautiful rural setting. We are a post primary, co-educational, private Protestant Secondary School, welcoming children of all faiths.
I am acutely aware that to be asked to educate someone’s son or daughter is an immense privilege and a great responsibility; one which I take very seriously. Our expressed intention is to foster a passion for learning in each young person, so that whatever sphere of employment they may enter, they will view themselves as lifelong learners; always willing to adapt and change to meet the needs of a changing world.

Our door is always open to listen to your concerns and while we may not always be able to change things we assure you that we will always act in the best interest of the young person as far as humanly possible. Our vision is one of parents, teachers and pupil working together so that your son or daughter may flourish as an individual.

History & Ethos:
Monaghan Collegiate School, formerly Monaghan Diocesan School was originally founded by an Act of Dublin Parliament, in 1570 and underwent a number of transitions up until 1902. From the inspiration of the original Diocesan School, the school was re-established in 1950 under the combined patronage of the Church of Ireland and Presbyterian churches. It is supported and run by the Board of Governors in conjunction with the Board of Management and has three Trustees.
Based on our Protestant tradition and history, the school is committed to providing for the welfare (spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical) of all our pupils in an inclusive and caring environment, and to the development of mutual respect and tolerance grounded in Christian compassion.
Our School Motto is ‘Working together so that we may flourish as individuals’. This involves the whole school community; Trustees, Board of Governors, Board of Management, Principal, Teaching Staff, Non-Teaching Staff, Parents, Pupils and Past Pupils fostering an environment within which all feel valued and encouraged to participate in a positive lifelong learning experience.
It is our aspiration that the learning experiences will equip each pupil with the academic, cultural and spiritual maturity to enable them to flourish as adults in a changing and challenging world.

Some brief information about our school:
• Co Educational Post Primary School
• Protestant Ethos
• Proven Academic record at all levels of ability
• Comprehensive choice of subjects
• State-of-the-art facilities
• Rooted in the community
• Safe, secure and caring environment
• Text book rental scheme
• Evening Study
• Scripture Union
• Consensus educational environment providing an atmosphere conducive to self- directed learning
• Excellent sports and recreational facilities
• Strong emphasis on a tripartite cooperation between parent, pupil and school;

• Three formal school reports per year including a reply section for both parent and pupil.
• Parent Teacher Meeting for each year group with two per year for the examination classes.
• Ease of access to Principal and relevant staff by host family and co-ordinator and Agency Head Office.
• Regular correspondence from the Principal updating parents on organisational and academic information sent to Host families and Co-ordinators.
• Newsletter/Information sent to pupil, Co-ordinator and Agency.

Admissions policy:
Application by 30th November is advisable for the following academic year. The School admits pupils based on its admission policy available at; www.monaghancollegiateschool.ie and in accordance with the Department of Education and Skills regulations regarding age. The School does not operate academic selection

Tuition Fees & Overseas Programme.
Our school is a small school with facilities for approximately 260 pupils.
We pride ourselves in providing a high standard of education to our all our students and with this in mind we feel that participation in the TEFL English Programme (non-native English speakers) and the participation in educational & cultural activities is of the upmost importance. Pupils are mixed within the mainstream cohort of classes.
Each overseas pupil is valued and fully integrated into the school with equal attention paid to their individual academic progress and personal requests.
Our school normally includes TEFL English, Transition Year Programme where applicable and day trips. The price also includes Text book rental and photocopying and affiliation fee to the Parents Association, School Journal & Locker.
Contact the school for details regarding fees.

• Uniform, transport and annual school tour not quoted.
Contact the school office in relation to school fees.
Note: we feel that payment of the fee in total is most effective way of invoicing the fees, for many reasons:
• Most importantly, it saves the pupils handling large quantities of cash and is more secure.
• Less confusing & gives a more harmonious atmosphere among pupils allowing them to concentrate on settling in and focusing on their academic progress.
• We have received very positive feedback from the overseas students over the years that payment of the fee in total is more efficient and overall less hassle for the student.
We have an excellent rapport with our overseas students, with many requesting to stay at Monaghan Collegiate School and complete the Leaving Certificate Examination. Also many of our students recommend their friends and siblings to come to Monaghan Collegiate School to study.

Fee information will be sent under separate cover upon request to the school office. An initial deposit of €500 (non-refundable) is required upon application. This amount will be deducted from the School invoice which has to be paid in full in the previous academic year to commencement. Kindly contact the Mrs. O’Connor at the school office to discuss securing a place (places).

Transition Year – 4th yr – Age profile between 15 to 16 & half years. This will allow pupils to develop their skills, improve their English and sample a variety of subjects.
5th yr – Year 1 Leaving Certificate Course – Age 16 & half years to 17 yrs approx. This Year will require a high level of English fluency and commitment to study.
6th yr – Year 2 Leaving Certificate Course – Age profile 17 to 18 yrs approx. This Year will require a high level of English fluency and commitment to academic study and ability to participate and progress through the course.

Unfortunately our places limited so early booking is advisable.

If you are interested in discussing this further you should contact Mrs. O’Connor for an appointment by phone or visit to the school. Feel free to send your questions by email. mcsadministrator@monaghancollegiateschool.ie. I look forward to hearing from you.
Yours in education,

Johnston Reid,

Mr. Reid, Principal Monaghan Collegiate School.

Leavers Service & party May 2017

Overseas Leavers gathering May 2017.