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Prize Day arrangements 26th October 2018.

22nd October 2018

Dear Parent/Guardians,

The autumnal weather is well and truly with us consistent with mid- October and heralding the approach again of half term and Prize day. With respect to Prize day I want to welcome all of you to this year’s Prize Day in St Patrick’s Church, Monaghan on Friday 26th October at 1:30pm. Our guest speaker this year will be Minister Heather Humphreys.

I feel strongly that everyone should participate in this event, encouraging and inspiring young people to give of their best and develop high aspirations. Marking success, whether your own or that of your friends is a most important trait to develop. It celebrates the hard work and achievement of the prize winners, while at the same time teaching us all to magnanimously acknowledge the achievements of other and resolve to emulate them if possible.

I am very anxious to prevent a domino effect where young people cite their friend as not attending Prize Day to be excused themselves. I would stress that normal school continues up until 12:20pm and I ask for your help to counteract the stay at home propaganda if it should surface. As a day when the local media views our school (probably more so this year) I implore you to ensure that your son/daughter attends Prize Day with dignity and pride.

Transport arrangements
Please note that normal school will take place until 12:20 pm with an early lunch and then proceeding to the church by bus for the Prize Giving. Normal roll calls will be taken in the morning and at the church. Bus Eireann collection point will be at Old Cross Square at 3.45 pm instead of collection at School. Pupils who normally change bus at Beech Hill should go directly there. There will be a teacher on duty at Old Cross Square. Parents who normally collect at School should note the change in collection point. If you require clarification please do not hesitate to contact me.

I view uniform as a very important part of the school identity and believe that it should be worn with pride and dignity. I ask you as a parent to please continue to support me in maintaining high standards in the wearing of the uniform as well as controlling the jewellery worn by your son/daughter.

Attendance at any place of work is core to progress and this is exactly the same in school. The importance of consistent attendance at school reinforced by you the parent/guardian enshrines in the mind of your son/daughter a pattern for life, indicating the value that you rightly place on their education. Please continue to work with us to ensure that absenteeism is kept to an absolute minimum.

Pupil Cover
I wish to confirm that the School has taken out 24 hour insurance cover for School activities only with Brennan’s Insurance. If you require information regarding this scheme kindly contact Mrs. O’Connor at the School Office.

Mid Term Reports
Mid Term Reports will be issued in mid- November. Parent Teacher Meetings for 3rd & 6th year will take place on Tuesday 20th November at 4.15 pm. 2nd & 5th year meetings will take place on Thursday 29th November at 4.15 pm.

Thank you for your continued support and assistance. I look forward to seeing you at Prize Day and if you have and concerns do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours in education,

Johnston Reid,