Sunday, 25 October, 2020

Ulster Scots Partnership

We are delighted to acknowledge the support and assistance from the Ulster Scots Agency in relation to the funding of fiddle lessons and Instruments to the school. This partnership has grown successfully over the past few years and the school now have established a Band and are flourishing in numbers and in their repertoire.

The band have performed at various school occasions including Prize Day, Christmas Carol Service, Easter Service and the International Day. We would like to thank Ms. Jane Wallace and Mr. Keith Lyttle for all the support with the programme and we look forward to continued friendship and co-operation.

The band have just performed at the Easter Service and are preparing for end of school term events.

Fiddle Group
Easter 2019

Choir 2019

Praise Band
April 2019

Over the last term Form 4 have had weekly classes from members of the Ulster Scots Team and we would like to thank Charles and Deirdre for their expertise and support to Transition Year 2019 (details to follow).

Other activities have included:

We are also grateful for the sponsorship towards a first in ‘Science Presentation’ of it’s kind in our school, a Science to life show (May 2017), presented by Sue McGrath.

Sue McGrath presenter of the Science to Life show sponsored by the Ulster Scots.

Choir and Band members at the International Day March 2017.

Band Performance.

Band members

School band and Choir members International Day March 2017


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