Monaghan Collegiate School

Address:  Corlatt, Monaghan, H18X027
Phone: 047-82060

School Uniform

The vast majority of schools in Ireland have a school uniform. The wearing of a school uniform is based on sound research which has shown that students all wearing the same uniform not only removes the pressure that they feel to dress in a ‘cool’ way, it helps create a sense of belonging and unity.

It has been found that students who were required to wear a uniform, in comparison to those who were not, listened better, had lower noise levels and settled quicker in class, creating a positive teaching and learning environment. School uniforms were also found to improve student attendance in secondary education.

At Monaghan Collegiate School we fully concur with the view that uniform worn with pride increases self-esteem, improves behaviour and contributes greatly to a sense of belonging.

Also we feel that it is more economical to wear a school uniform than to satisfy the demands of fashion. We respectfully ask that parents help ensure that their son/daughter wears their uniform with pride and dignity.

  • All items of school uniform should be labelled
  • Excessive make-up is not permitted
  • Hair must be neat and tidy and of a reasonable spectrum of colour
  • One pair of stud earrings may be worn which do not present a health and safety risk
  • No other body piercing allowed
  • Students who persistently wear clothing that is contrary to the uniform regulations are liable to have such items confiscated. In such instances, the item will be left in the main office to be collected by a parent/guardian.
  • The school reserves the right to refuse admission to the school if uniform is inappropriate

The uniform list is as indicated below, and may be purchased from Wilson Bros Monaghan or The Fabric Centre Monaghan

All personal belongings should be labelled clearly with the name of the pupil.

School Shoes

A wide variety of shoes will be offered in shops, the following is a guide to what we consider is acceptable.

  • Slip-on or laced (laces must be black)
  • The shoe must be wholly black – no coloured logos, stripes or designs
  • Suede, nubuck or canvas shoes are not allowed – shoes must be water resistant for science labs
  • No black trainers, Vans, Converse, Boots, Doc Martins are allowed


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