Tuesday, 22 September, 2020

Presentation to Rev. Daniel

Presentation to Rev. Daniel Reyes Martin, Chairperson, Board of Management, Monaghan Collegiate School.

Our School Community were united in wishing Rev. Daniel every success and happiness as he and his family move to Kilkenny.  Over the past 5 years Rev. Daniel has been a great support to the management, staff and pupils of Monaghan Collegiate School.

A Presentation was made to Rev. Daniel on Prize Day 22nd October 2013 on behalf of the School Community.


Pictured are Mr. Reid, Principal, Adam Dudgeon, Head Boy, Rev. Daniel outgoing Chairperson, Erin Steenson, Head Girl, Bishop John McDowell, Chairperson Board of Governors, Brigadier General Paul Fry, Guest Speaker, Prize Day, Dominika Glowinkowska, Deputy Head Girl & Jonathan Lester, Deputy Head Boy.
Photo courtesy of the Northern Standard.