Monaghan Collegiate School

Address:  Corlatt, Monaghan, H18X027
Phone: 047-82060

Parents’ Association

COMPASS March 2021 - Letter to Parents

Welcome to the Parents’ Association (PA) of  Monaghan Collegiate School, representing all the parents and guardians of students attending our school.

The role of the PA as defined in the Education Act is to ‘Promote the interests of the students in cooperation with the Board, Principal, Teachers, and students of that school.’  All parents and guardians with children in the school are members of the Parents’ Association and the Committee members are elected every year at the AGM.

We have a very active Parents’ Association in the school which is a very important support to the school and works effectively to create and maintain positive dialogue between the school management, the pupils and parents.

The association has contributed to the development of excellent school facilities and to policy formation.

Parents’ Association 2019/20:

Mr Johnston Reid (Principal)

Mr Martin Killoran (Deputy Principal)

Mr Alan Mackarel

Mrs Wendy McChesney

Mr Gary McAdoo

Mr Ian Keating

Mrs Sheila McElwaine

Mrs Heather Wilson

Mr Mark Gillanders 

Mr Edmund Graham

Mrs Vanessa Donaldson

Mrs Edna Taylor

Mrs Julie Lyster

Mr Sam Patterson

Mr Alwin Donaldson

Mrs Karen Pepper

Mrs Helene Hill

We are always looking for volunteers to assist the school with various activities and projects on a casual basis. If you would like to put your name on our panel please email us at


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