Tuesday, 22 September, 2020


IMG_2714Welcome to our Website.

Monaghan Collegiate School has a proud history of service; rooted in the local community and responsive to its needs we are privileged to enjoy the dedicated support of our parents /guardians. We also have a strong sense of a learning community within the school with excellent pupil teacher relationships. We are very pleasantly situated on the outskirts of Monaghan town in a beautiful rural setting.

We are always acutely aware that to be asked to educate someone’s son or daughter is an immense privilege and a great responsibility; one which we take very seriously.  Our expressed intention is to foster a passion for learning in each young person,  so that whatever sphere of employment they may enter they will view themselves as life long learners;  always willing to adapt and change to meet the needs of a changing world.

Our door is always open to listen to your concerns and while we may not always be able to change things we assure you that we will always act in the best interest of the young person as far as humanly possible. Our vision is one of parents, teachers and pupils ‘ working together so that your son or daughter may flourish  as an individual’.

Yours in education,
Johnston Reid