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Monaghan Collegiate School

Ethos Statement

Our Ethos

Monaghan Collegiate School, formerly Monaghan Diocesan School was originally founded by an Act of the Dublin Parliament, “for the erection of free schools” in 1570, and underwent a number of transitions until 1902 when it fell into abeyance.

From the inspiration of the Church of Ireland and the original Diocesan School, with the Presbyterian Church and the other Protestant Churches in Monaghan the school was re-established in 1950. It is supported and run by a Board of Governors in conjunction with the Board of Management, as detailed in the “Constitution of Monaghan Collegiate School”.

Based on our Protestant tradition and history, the school is committed to providing for the welfare (spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical) of all our pupils in an inclusive and caring environment, and to the development of mutual respect and tolerance grounded in Christian compassion.

The out working of the ethos is manifest in a number of ways including,

  • the Christian values of honesty, care,  integrity and hard work,
  • a daily act of public worship,
  • an annual prize day service,
  • a Christmas Carol service,
  • an Easter service,
  • a Leaving Certificate service.
  • Prefects of 2017/2018 with Mr. Reid & Mr. Killoran. Thank you for visiting our website.

Working together so that we may flourish as individuals involves the whole school community: Board of Governors, Board of management, Principal, Teaching Staff, Non-Teaching staff, Parents, Pupils and Past Pupils fostering an environment within which all feel valued and encouraged to participate in a positive lifelong learning experience.